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Snetterton 300 – Rounds 11, 12 and 13

After a long summer break, Josh and his team are back to action at the Snetterton 300 circuit in Norfolk.

Josh enjoyed a promising day testing on Friday, getting back into the swing of things with his GT5 and the Snetterton circuit, and ready to push hard over the weekend to extend his championship lead. Qualifying presented some tricky conditions in the wet; Josh and the team chose to use some older wet tyres in Qualifying to save his new wet tyres for the races as they were also looking to be wet, therefore Josh qualified fifth for Race 1 and 2.

Saturday soon heated up quickly with a fire outbreaking in the paddock, closing the circuit for the rest of the day. Luckily everyone was okay, and no one was injured. This meant that Race 1 was pushed back to Sunday morning making Sunday a triple header!

In Race 1 Josh got himself up to P2, then had to chase down the leader who broke away from the rest of the field. It came down to a sprint to the finish line, Josh finishing in second place separated by 0.033 seconds. Race 2 was as action packed as ever, with Josh battling hard with the top 6 all race. After working his way up to first, Josh was hit off track and it was deemed a ‘push to pass’, so Josh crossed the line in second, but his first place was reinstated and Josh took the win! For the final race, a massive rain shower approached 5 minutes before going out on track, so everyone had to change tyres at the last minute. Josh started on the front row in first place, with an excellent start off the line in tricky conditions. Having to adapt to the track as the rain poured down, Josh led every lap to cross the finish line in first place! 3/3 Podiums and 2 wins, a very successful race weekend with even more points earnt!

Next time Josh will be taking on Croft, racing on the British Touring Car package once again.

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