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June 8-9th Silverstone GP

The British GT 500 weekend is where josh made his debut into the Ginetta gt5 series. Josh was feeling confident coming up to the weekend and was looking forward to the new experience.

Josh had no Friday testing as he had an English exam to attend, which also meant he had no wet weather testing in the GT5. So Josh was sent into qualifying in the pouring rain and no experience in a rear wheel drive car in the wet. Josh finished qualifying in p.18 in race 1 and p.22 for race 2 out of the 32 car grid.

This is what Josh had to say about the start of race 1:

“When I first took off at the start of race 1 it became reality that I had so many cars around me that I was racing against. It took me about a lap or 2 to get used to the new experience, but then after that it was go time” Once Josh settled in with the new grid he started picking off places by the corner and made his way up to p.13, but then had a minor collision and dropped back down to 18th. Josh then finished the race in 15th but with a 10second penalty finished in 23rd.

Race 2: DNS. Josh made his way to his grid position in the assembly area, but the clutch didn’t engage, the slave cylinder was wrecked, and the clutch friction plate was filled with oil. Meaning Josh could not start race 2.

Overall not a great first weekend for Josh, but a lot to be learned about the new car and competitors. Next up is Donington Park GP in 2 weeks.

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