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June 22-23rd Donington Park GP

Josh’s second race weekend took place at Donington Park, on the GP circuit. Josh felt confident and comfortable at the track as he knew it well. Friday testing josh was very much on the pace with old tyres, so he was very excited for what the weekend would bring.

Unfortunately, more bad luck struck in qualifying, Josh was confused as each lap went by to why he wasn’t further up the grid, but to come in and realise that he was 4mph down on the speed traps. The team found the issue instantly and saw that the brakes were rubbing on the disks, scrubbing off speed everywhere. This was due to gravel dust flooding the brake callipers, restricting the springs that pushes the brake pads onto the brake disk from pulling away from the disk.

With the issue resolved Josh was looking forward to having some fun fighting through the pack. In race 1, starting 19th Josh made up positions by the lap throughout the race and finished the in 7th place. For race 2 Josh started in 15th, again making places and got up to 10th, until 4 cars in front bunched up coming out of the hairpin and Josh didn’t have time to react and went into the back of another car. Josh completed the last 3 laps blind as his bonnet was blocking his vision, but he kept pushing and ended off the race finishing 19th.

Josh was determined to get through the pack as quickly as possible in race 3, overtaking 8 cars on the first lap then after the safety car restart picked off one more to finish p.10. “Overall not a good or bad weekend, but lots to learn from it.” Josh is now very excited for what the next race weekend brings at Zandvoort, in Holland.

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