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July 7-8 Zandvoort

Josh's first European race of his career took places at Zandvoort, located in holland. Being a European circuit, this is Josh's first time setting foot at this track so the team started off the weekend on Thursday testing. Straight into Qualifying on the Saturday, putting on a new set of tyres made a dramatic change for Josh making him realise how much harder he can push, but with only the 20minute short qualifying session Josh ran out of time to fully maximise his speed on the new tyres. Josh was still happy with where he placed for the races, p.12 for Race 1 and p.15 for race 2, halfway up the grid but Josh knew he could make the places without stress.

Race 1 was an easy ride for Josh as he swooped past the cars he needed to on the first lap and then was trying to push to catch up the front pack, time passed but Josh still secured p.9 at the end of the race. Race 2 was more work for Josh starting a few more places behind, but he was looking forward to the challenge of getting into the top 10 again. Not a great start off the line but josh still manged to chase them all down after each lap went by, Josh managed to pick up p.9 again and that's where he started in race 3.

Race 3 brought a few more challenges for Josh entering the front pack for the first lap until he was hit off halfway around the track, losing 3 places and outside the top 10. Josh fought his way back over many laps but was able to get back into p.9 on the last lap.

Josh has yet again learnt even more about the GT5 and is looking forward to Snetterton with the BTCC on the 3rd and 4th of august.

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