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Donington Park GP – Rounds 16, 17 and 18

With all eyes on Josh and his team this weekend as the championship favourite coming into the last weekend of the season, he was still massively focused to win on track going into this weekend.

In Friday practice Josh topped the time sheets in every session in all conditions that were thrown his way, the team were happy with the car and confident in Josh going into qualifying.

Qualifying had its ups and downs with Josh’s fastest lap being removed due to track limits, and 2 red flags in the session ending it short. Josh qualified P9 for Race 1 and P5 for Race 2. Josh was feeling confident that he could navigate through the traffic as quickly as possible to catch up to his championship rivals, and in doing so he made his way up to P2 by lap 3 and chased down the leader for the rest of the race. As Josh crossed the finish line unsure if he had won the championship, he came into the pits to find out minutes later that he had unfortunately got handed a 5 second penalty for track limits after the race which put him into P4, but the driver in P1 was disqualified an hour later, which bumped Josh up to finish P3 in Race 1. He had won the championship!

This is what Josh had to say on social media about his achievement on winning the 2021 Ginetta GT5 Championship:

“Wow, I can finally say that I am the 2021 GINETTA GT5 CHAMPION‼️ If you know my story this means so much more to me than a big trophy at the end of the season, this win is souly dedicated to my dad who suddenly passed away early 2020. A week before he passed away I promised to him that he would see me become a champion again, unfortunately I could never make that happen, but I knew what I had to do. A dream we chased together from the age of 6, he saw my every win and every loss, sacrificed his whole life in every way you could think to see me do what I love. This to me now is more than a sport or a passion, this is my life, something that wakes me up every day to put 100% into every aspect of life. I don’t just do this for me now, this is for my dad, my mum and my family who have supported me since day 1, that’s what really pushes me. This season has been tougher than it has seemed, our greatest battles were off track in-between races not knowing if we could make the next race weekend financially, but giving myself no option but to win has brought us this far and we have not only made it onto the grid each weekend, we have also walked away with the championship title🙌🏼 This simply couldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for my dedicated sponsors CIDT, Prosperity Investment Management, Champion Car Leasing & Support Air, so I can’t thank you all enough for getting us this far and believing in me🏆 I knew it was necessary for me to join Xentek Motorsport this season to have a chance of winning this championship. Not a single fault throughout this season from them, nonstop hard work and always pushing for the best has meant that we have come out on top. So thank you Chris and Sarah for everything👊🏼 Last thing I want to say is thank you to all who have supported me throughout, it’s been a tough couple years, but we have gone and done it, so for those who stuck by knowing what was coming, thank you so much❤️ As this chapter of my career closes we have to see what is on the horizon of the next, knowing who I’ve got around me now gives me all the confidence I need to once again piece together another championship winning assault. See you all next year✌🏼”

Josh is definitely a star of the future in Motorsport and we cannot wait to see what next year has in store!

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