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24th November Ginetta GT5 Announcement!

Although Josh is still 16 and young enough to continue in Fiesta Juniors next year and was expecting to do so. Thanks to the help of my sponsors CIDT & V-Pass, he will be moving up early. This is a very big step up to the GT5 series, 30+ cars on the grids, racing on some of the British Touring Car weekends, and racing in Europe!

Thankfully Josh will have the help from his team on this new challenge, Mutation Motorsport. Knowing that Josh have these guys behind him, and the knowledge they have in this series, gives Josh so much confidence. On top of everyone behind backing Josh, he now has Pro Driver David Pittard with him, who has so much experience in the direction Josh would like to go.

With Josh already tested his new Ginetta Gt5 at Bedford Autodrome, he can’t wait for the season to start and to see what the future holds.

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