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23rd-24th June Rockingham

With a short wait after Cadwell Park, rounds 5 and 6 commenced at Rockingham. Josh had many issues on the Saturday before and during qualifying. The session before qualifying the team had noticed that the brake pads were stuck onto the brake disk, which therefore damaged the brake pads and the brake disk. Then as Josh was completing his final few laps during qualifying the exhaust snapped, luckily it was easily repaired ready for race day. With Josh qualifying 6th meant he had some places to make up, but by the first corner his front left wheel was hit which bent the tracking and steering rods. Josh was lucky enough to bring it home safely with a 4th place. In race 2 Josh just didn't seem to have any luck in a straight line compared to others and therefore finished 5th. Next up is Snetterton and it is only 2 weeks away.

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